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"Let's widen the screen so we can widen our view."

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The hatred of laziness is deeply embedded in the history of the United States. The value of hard work and the evils of sloth are baked into our national myths and our shared value system. Thanks to the legacies of imperialism and slavery, as well as the ongoing influence that the United States exerts on the rest of the world both in media and in military force, the Laziness Lie has managed to spread its tendrils into almost every country and culture on the planet.

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The forum will focus on race and wealth and race and wellness, exploring the complex systems driving racial inequality in America, from early race science to how racial disparities have been exposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Sessions will explore the history and impact of race science; examine the connection between race, health care and wealth; explore the impact of race on mental health and trauma; and highlight local organizations that are reimagining a better future.

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